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I haven’t kept my books up to date with accurate bookkeeping.  I need to catch up on several months!  Can you help? How much will it cost?

Our bookkeeping experts can certainly help to get you back on track with bookkeeping. We will get your books in order in no time! You can add our catch-up bookkeeping service to any of the monthly plans. A one time fee will be charged for the catch-up. Most of the time we will be able to offer catch-up bookkeeping at a heavily discounted rate. Every business is different, so contact us to receive a free consultation

I just got started with my Amazon business, do I have to use your bookkeeping service?

 If you are just starting out and have a limited budget, we recommend you to take our DIY bookkeeping course to understand the basics and try to do your own bookkeeping (Launching Sept 2022!). We also offer special discounts for start-up companies. Qualified companies can receive up to $200 off per month for the first 6 months. 

At the very least, you should keep all your receipts organized. You can do this in google sheets (or excel) and keep your digital receipts in google drive.

Pro Tip: Create a free Gmail account (example: and forward all business-related receipts to this email address. This way when you are ready to use our service, we will just get access to this receipt email and get started from there. Super easy!

Does Entresync support accrual accounting? I heard that it’s a better method!

Yes we do all our bookkeeping on an accrual basis no matter which plan you are with. Even though it is more time-consuming, it gives a more accurate representation of a company’s finances. We will do adjustments to capture accurate allocation of your expense and revenue.

Who do I work with? Do I work with a dedicated bookkeeper?

Our clients get his/her dedicated and professionally trained bookkeeper. Also, your dedicated bookkeeping team includes a senior CPA who reviews your financial statements every month, ensuring all numbers are accurate.

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